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Boardgames. I like them. Do you like them? You should like them. They’re fun!

What about helping out others in need? Do you like that? You should like that. It’s, well, not so much fun as, I guess, rewarding. And the right thing to do.

Assuming you answered yes to at least one of the above two questions, then you probably should check out the The Jack Vasel Memorial Fund Auction 2017 on boardgamegeek.com. The short version is that it’s a charity auction used to raise money for members of the gaming community who are suffering a personal hardship. It’s a community auction, meaning that anyone is free to offer up things to be auctioned. And lots of cool stuff is being offered up. You should go through the list yourself, since your idea of cool and my idea of cool may not overlap, but here is just a sample:

For some of these (especially the more hyped items), you won’t be getting a great bargain — but you can feel good about overpaying, since it all goes to charity. Also, be sure to read the description an item carefully before bidding on it — sometimes the thing being auctioned isn’t actually the game itself, but instead something related to the game.

The auction ends November 14th.


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