I'm just an animal looking for a home

November 22, 2010
by mitcharf

The Horseman & Black Water

You know what go together like peanut butter and chocolate?  Australia and violence!  In that spirit, I chose to watch The Horseman (NOT to be confused with 2009’s The Horsemen, which I disliked – 2 stars!) last night on Netflix. … Continue reading

July 22, 2008
by mitcharf

Dead mice

Current Music: Muleskinner Blues – The Cramps I’ve been feeding my cats a raw meat diet for a few years now. Keri and I started this originally because Felix has a strange condition which conventional veterinarians were unable to successfully … Continue reading

November 3, 1991
by mitcharf
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Journal Entry

Note:  The only changes to this entry are minor corrections to grammar, punctuation, formatting, and spelling.  I’ve also removed any last names which appeared. Maile has not yet come over today and as a result I have sat all day … Continue reading