I'm just an animal looking for a home

November 29, 2010
by mitcharf

Go ahead, make my day

I finally received from Netflix and watched the third Dirty Harry movie, The Enforcer, in glorious Blu-ray (since Netflix decided that it alone of the five Dirty Harry movies would be unavailable on their streaming service).  That was on Saturday … Continue reading

November 23, 2010
by mitcharf

Fear Itself

I’m a fan of the Masters Of Horror series on Showtime (although I always watch them via Netflix), so last night I decided to check out another horror TV series, NBC’s Fear Itself. It became obvious pretty quickly that this … Continue reading

November 17, 2010
by mitcharf

Do you feel lucky, punk?

So last night I did not end up attempting my Netflix streaming 5.1 surround sound test.  Instead I watched Dirty Harry, which while being available in HD, was not available in 5.1.  I was sure I had seen the movie … Continue reading