1999 Calendar

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Day Time Place Info
12th (Tuesday)     Amy's birthday
12th (Tuesday)     Mitch's birthday
18th (Monday)     Maki's birthday
20th (Wednesday)     Aimee's birthday


Day Time Place Info
5th (Friday)     Susan F's birthday
19th (Friday)     Nicki's birthday
22nd (Monday)     Krissy's birthday
26th (Friday)     Cory's birthday


Day Time Place Info
8th (Monday)     Tim R's birthday
28th (Sunday)     Ariel's birthday


Day Time Place Info
1st (Thursday)     Nell's birthday
28th (Wednesday)     Christine G's birthday


Day Time Place Info
9th (Sunday)     Newton's birthday
21st (Friday)     Carrie M's birthday
29th (Saturday)     Julienne's birthday
29th (Saturday)     Phillip's birthday


Day Time Place Info
8th (Tuesday)     Lindsay H's birthday
19th (Saturday)     Maria's birthday
30th (Wednesday)     Megan's birthday


Day Time Place Info
1st (Thursday)     Azzy's birthday
9th (Friday)     Bonnie's birthday
17th (Saturday)     Pete's birthday
23rd (Friday)     Greg's birthday
23rd (Friday)     Shawn W's birthday


Day Time Place Info
7th (Saturday)     Hawi's birthday
12th (Thursday)     Archie's birthday
12th (Thursday)     Courtney's birthday
22nd (Sunday)     Susanna's birthday


Day Time Place Info
1st (Wednesday)     Lacey's birthday
7th (Tuesday)     Patrick O's birthday
22nd (Wednesday)     Nathan F's birthday
22nd (Wednesday)     Pam C's birthday


Day Time Place Info
16th (Saturday)     Neil's birthday


Day Time Place Info
1st (Monday)     Jesse's birthday
6th (Saturday)     Eric's birthday
11th (Thursday)     Becky's birthday
11th (Thursday)     Carrie Z's birthday
11th (Thursday)     Craig's birthday
19th (Friday)     Tammy G's birthday


Day Time Place Info
2nd (Thursday)     Laurie S's birthday
3rd (Friday)     Dan V's birthday
4th (Saturday)     Chris E's birthday
8th (Wednesday)     Amanda's birthday
9th (Thursday) 7:15pm Krieg 6 Season 1, Game 1: The Outfield @ Ice Weasels
9th (Thursday) 8pm Krieg 6 Season 1, Game 2: Ice Weasels @ The Viruses
16th (Thursday) 6:30pm Butler 2 Season 1, Game 3: Ice Weasels @ Reliant
20th (Monday)     Brandy's birthday
27th (Monday)     Matt's birthday

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