Game #5

Date: March 27, 2003
Start: 6:30pm
End: 7:25pm
Where: Havins Field #2
Opponents: Nihalators

We were the visiting team.

Outcome: WIN
Final score: 25-8
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Note: The Weasels were offensively dominant this game, and apart from the fourth inning, were defensively dominant as well. Azzy and Christine got triples, Matt, and Newton got in-the-park homeruns, and Eric got an in-the-park grand slam. Defensively Tammy, Matt, and Eric were the standout players. Thanks to Azzy, Tammy, Christine, and Sharon for subbing, and thanks to Rob for keeping score.

  1 2 3 4 5 Total
Ice Weasels 0 5 2 4 14 25
Nihalators 1 0 0 7 0 8

Batting lineup:

1: Newton, CF/LCF*
2: Azzy, LF
3: Matt, SS
4: Tammy, 3B
5: Eric, P
6: Christine, 2B
7: John, 1B
8: Carrie, C
9: Mitch, RF/RCF*
10: Sharon/Laurie*, RF

* - Laurie was not present at the beginning of the game, so the Weasels began the game short a player with three outfielders -- Azzy in LF, Newton in CF, and Mitch in RF. After the first inning or so, before any automatic outs had to be taken by the Weasels, Tammy recruited Sharon to play for the Weasels. Sharon entered the game in RF, moving Mitch to RCF, and Newton to LCF. Toward the end of the game Laurie arrived and took Sharon's place for the rest of the game.


P - Pitcher
1B - First Base
2B - Second Base
3B - Third Base
SS - Shortstop
C - Catcher
LF - Left Field
LCF - Left Center Field
RCF - Right Center Field
RF - Right Field
DH - Designated Hitter

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