Game #6

Date: June 19, 2003
Start: 7:25pm
End: 8:20pm
Where: Havins Field #2
Opponents: Practical Jokers

We were the home team.

Outcome: LOSS
Final score: 17-12
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Note: The Weasels made some impressive plays on defense during this game, but it was not enough to win the game. One opposing batter hit a line drive to Neil (the pitcher), who had the presence of mind to whip the ball to Brandy at first base, doubling up the runner who had left the bag. Later in the game, Eric fielded a ball in the outfield and threw the ball to Carrie (the catcher). She tagged the runner out just before he crossed the plate, and then threw the ball to Brandy who got a runner out at first base. Most Weasels contributed defensively and offensively (including a triple by Susan and some key walks by other Weasels), but unfortunately it was not enough to overcome the Practical Jokers. Thanks to Steve, Rochelle, Brandy and Cory for subbing. Thanks to Rob for taking pictures. Thanks to Matt for coming out and coaching despite having suffered a separated shoulder the night before.

Batting lineup:

1: Newton, RF/DH*
2: Julienne, 3B
3: Eric, LCF
4: Azzy, 2B/DH/RCF**,***
5: Neil, P
6: Rochelle, RCF/DH***
7: Steve, LF
8: Brandy, 1B
9: John, SS
10: Carrie, C
11: Mitch/Cory****, RF/DH*
12: Susan, 2B/DH**

* - Newton played RF for the first inning and Mitch was DH for the first inning. In the second inning, they traded. After the second inning, Newton and Cory switched off between RF and DH (see ****).

** - For the first half of the game, Susan played 2B and Azzy played DH (except for one exception -- see ***). For the second half of the game, Susan was DH and Azzy was 2B.

*** - During the second inning, Rochelle hurt her leg in the outfield. She went to the dugout to tend to it, and Azzy played RCF for the remainder of that inning. After that inning, Rochelle returned to RCF.

**** - After the bottom of the second inning, Mitch left the game and Cory subbed in for him.


P - Pitcher
1B - First Base
2B - Second Base
3B - Third Base
SS - Shortstop
C - Catcher
LF - Left Field
LCF - Left Center Field
RCF - Right Center Field
RF - Right Field
DH - Designated Hitter

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