Game #1

Date: February 19, 2004
Start: 8:20pm
End: 9:15pm
Where: Havins Field #1
Opponents: Flamingoes

We were the visiting team.

Outcome: WIN
Final score: 18-16

Note: This was an exciting game, as well as a very windy one. The wind may help to explain the trouble both pitchers had throwing strikes. Each team benefitted from a few bases on balls. The Weasels held a narrow lead for most of the game. Going into the top of the final inning, the Weasels were ahead 14-11. The Flamingoes had some potent hitters, so the Weasels wanted some insurance, which was delivered by Neil in the form of a clutch grand slam, bringing the score to 18-11. The Flamingoes did not give up, however, and battled back to 18-16 with the tying run at the plate before the Weasels managed to end the game. A very tense and fun game, featuring some fine Weasel defense. The play of the game happened when one of the Flamingoes girls smoked a ball to the fence in RCF. Newton made a great throw to Cory, who whirled around and threw a strike to Julienne at third base, who tagged the girl out. Susan also deserves recognition for handling a tough throw at second base, reaching across her body to grab it while still touching the bag to get the force. A fun and thrilling way to start the Spring season. Thanks a lot to Chris Ca (as opposed to former Weasel Chris Co) for subbing.

Batting lineup:

1: Newton, RCF/DH*
2: Julienne, 3B
3: Cory, SS
4: Azzy, 1B/DH**
5: Chris Ca, LF
6: Michell, 1B/DH**
7: Neil, P
8: Lindsay, LCF
9: John, RCF/DH*
10: Carrie, C
11: Mitch, RF
12: Susan, 2B

* - Newton and John traded off between RCF and DH every inning throughout the game.

** - Michell and Azzy traded off between 1B and DH every inning throughout the game.


P - Pitcher
1B - First Base
2B - Second Base
3B - Third Base
SS - Shortstop
C - Catcher
LF - Left Field
LCF - Left Center Field
RCF - Right Center Field
RF - Right Field
DH - Designated Hitter

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