Game #3

Date: 5/25/00
Start: 6:30pm
End: 7:25pm
Where: Krieg Field #3
Opponents: Wabb's

We were the visiting team (meaning we batted first).

Outcome: LOSS
Final score: 12-9

Batting lineup:

1: Neil, SS
2: Brandy, 3B
3: Newton, 2B/RCF*
4: Carrie, C/2B*
5: Nahele, LF/LCF*
6: Laurie, LCF/C*
7: Hawi, P
8: Aimee, 1B
9: Mitch, RCF/LCF/LF*
10: Niki, RF

* - A lot of positions were changed during the game. I don't recall exactly in which innings they took place. The first change moved Mitch from RCF to LCF, Laurie moved from LCF to C, Carrie moved from C to 2B, and Newton moved from 2B to RCF. The second change moved Mitch from LCF to LF, and Nahele from LF to LCF.


P - Pitcher
1B - First Base
2B - Second Base
3B - Third Base
SS - Shortstop
C - Catcher
LF - Left Field
LCF - Left Center Field
RCF - Right Center Field
RF - Right Field

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