Game #6

Date: June 15, 2006
Start: 8:20pm
End: 9:15pm
Where: Havins Field #3
Opponents: Chuy's 183

We were the home team.

Outcome: WIN
Final score: 22-11

Note: This game featured inside-the-park home runs by Azzy (3 run, 4th inning), Eric (3 run, 2nd inning), and Phil (an unrecorded number of runs, 4th inning). Thanks to Nicki and Kate for subbing. Special thanks to Matt for making a guest appearance from his distant home in Philadelphia, and very special thanks to Miros for subbing on very short notice when a player did not show up (and additional thanks to Nicki for finding Miros).

  1 2 3 4 5 Total
Chuy's 183 4 2 0 3 2 11
Ice Weasels 1 9 4 8 0 22

Batting lineup:

1: Newton, LCF
2: Azzy, 1B/DH*
3: Jim, DH
4: Nicki, 1B/DH*
5: Eric, P
6: Miros, 3B
7: Neil, SS
8: Kate, RCF
9: Phil, LF/RF**
10: Carrie, C
11: Mitch/Matt, LF/RF**
12: Susan, 2B

* - Azzy and Nicki alternated between 1B and DH each inning.

** - In the top of the first inning, Matt was not in the game, Mitch played LF, and Phil played RF. In the bottom of the inning, the inning ended before Mitch batted. At the end of the first inning, Mitch left the game and Matt took his spot in the lineup. In the second inning, Matt played RF and Phil played LF. For every inning after that, they alternated betweeen LF and RF, except at one point when Phil played LF and Matt played RF for two innings in a row.


P - Pitcher
1B - First Base
2B - Second Base
3B - Third Base
SS - Shortstop
C - Catcher
LF - Left Field
LCF - Left Center Field
RCF - Right Center Field
RF - Right Field
DH - Designated Hitter

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