Game #11

Date: 2/9/01
Start: 6:30pm
End: 7:15pm
Where: Krieg Field #7
Opponents: The Stingers

We were the home team (meaning we batted second).

Outcome: WIN
Final score: 11-10

Note: Although the previous two games (against the Outfield and Felix & The Cats) were perhaps the two toughest games we had to play this season, this game against the Stingers was the most important game. We had to win the game in order to get first place. Unfortunately, traffic was very heavy coming from north Austin. With 4 minutes to go before game time, there were only 7 Ice Weasels present. 9 players are needed in order to avoid a forfeit. The Stingers also were short, but this was little consolation, as double forfeits are permitted, and that would still knock us out of first place. Fortunately, Amy and Carrie showed up, bringing us to 9 people. Then Newton ran up, bringing us to 10. The Stingers only had 8 people, and were going to have to forfeit the game. With misgivings, we loaned Carrie to the Stingers, so that they would not have to forfeit. Both teams began the game with 9 players (meaning that when the empty 10th batting position comes up, it is an automatic out). The last time the Ice Weasels did this, we lost the game. Nevertheless, we did not want to win the season with a forfeit, and we all wanted to play a game of softball.

The Stingers took an early lead, scoring three runs in the first inning. However, the Weasels quickly hit back with four of our own. By this time, Susanna had arrived, so we had a full team. She arrived during the bottom half of the first inning, just in time to bat, so we had to take no automatic outs due to her absence. The Stingers' missing player also arrived before they had to bat a second time, so they avoided the automatic out also. The game remained close for the next several innings. The Weasels made steady progress, eventually bringing our score to 8 runs. However, with 4 minutes left on the clock, the Stingers pulled ahead.

The Weasels came up to bat, but failed to score any runs. Time was almost up, and the score was 9-8 in favor of the Stingers. The Weasels hurried onto the field, so that we would have a final inning of play. The Stingers scored another run in the top half of the inning, giving them a 2 run lead. Then the Ice Weasels came up to bat. The game time was up, so this would be our final at bat, for better or worse, unless the game became tied.

Cory was the first batter. He ripped the ball down the right field line to the fence. As the right fielder ran to get it, Cory was rounding the bases. Cory held up at third base, rather than risking a possible play at the plate. Next up was Susanna. She hit the ball to third base. The third baseman didn't field the ball cleanly, allowing Cory to score and Susanna to reach base safely. The Weasels now trailed by only a single run.

Matt came up and hit a ground ball up the middle. The shortstop was barely able to stop it, and couldn't make the play. Susanna reached second base safely. Aimee continued the hitting with a hard hit ball that got through the infield, loading the bases. Mitch came to the plate and hit a pop-up to shallow left. The fielder did not catch the ball, but everyone had been expecting him to. There was a frantic rush as all the baserunners tried to advance. Everyone made it safely, and Susanna scored the tying run. Nell (playing despite an injury) fouled out in her at bat.

Newton stepped to the plate. Everyone tensed, knowing that this was perhaps the most crucial at-bat of the game. If Newton got out, then Amy would come to the plate with 2 outs, making her job much more difficult. The pitcher delivered the ball and Newton hit a hard line drive up the middle. The shortstop tried to make a play on it, but the ball punched through to the outfield. Matt scored easily, and the season championship was ours.

The game was won through teamwork. There was a beautiful double play (Neil fielded it, tossed it to Cory at second, and Cory rifled it over to Nell at first), excellent pitching, and important clutch hitting. The Ice Weasels played an excellent game and won the game in dramatic fashion, 11-10. Carrie also played a great game, although it was unfortunately for the Stingers. Nobody could accuse her of playing less hard because she was playing against her teammates. She made a couple nice defensive plays, and was hitting well. The Stingers even asked her to play regularly for them!

Batting lineup:

1: Newton, LF
2: Amy, P
3: Neil, SS
4: Brandy, 3B
5: Cory, 2B
6: Susanna, LCF*
7: Matt, CF/RCF*
8: Aimee, RF
9: Mitch, C
10: Nell, 1B

* - Because of the heavy traffic, and because we loaned Carrie to the Stingers, we started the game with 9 players (Susanna had yet to arrive). Consequently, Matt played CF until she arrived. Susanna arrived during the bottom half of the first inning, just in time to bat, so we only had to field one inning without her and took no automatic outs because of her absence in the lineup.


P - Pitcher
1B - First Base
2B - Second Base
3B - Third Base
SS - Shortstop
C - Catcher
LF - Left Field
LCF - Left Center Field
RCF - Right Center Field
RF - Right Field
DH - Designated Hitter

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