Game #7

Date: 6/28/01
Start: 6:30pm
End: 7:25pm
Where: Krieg Field #6
Opponents: Hasbeens and Wannabes

We were the home team (meaning we batted second).

Outcome: LOSS
Final score: 10-9

Note: This game was played with the intensity of a tournament game, because a lot was on the line. The Weasels put their best team on the field, including the unexpected bonus of Amy driving up from Houston to pitch for us. The first couple of innings saw the Weasels play excellent defense and steady offense. After allowing a leadoff triple to the Hasbeens, the Weasels shut down their offense, allowing only a single run to score in the first inning. The Weasels quickly struck back, and were leading the game 6 to 1 after the first two innings. Not a team to just roll over and die, the Hasbeens started coming back. The Weasels' lead dwindled to 6-5, before the Hasbeens tied it, and eventually took the lead. There was very little time left on the clock when the Weasels came to bat in the bottom of the 5th inning. The score was Hasbeens 10, Ice Weasels 6. Carrie grounded out, Newton got an infield single, and then Amy flied out. Two outs, and it was unlikely another inning would be played. The rally began. Neil reached base, and then Brandy scored Newton on a single. Cory doubled, scoring Neil, and leaving Brandy on third. Julie hit the ball up the middle, scoring Brandy. Cory, the tying run, made a mad dash for home. The catcher got the ball ahead of him, and although he tried to dislodge it, they held on to it and Cory was out at the plate. It was a very tough game, and it could have gone either way. We made a few errors, but there were also some excellent plays made. Brandy stopped a few hard hit balls at third base, and fired them to Matt and first base for the out. Overall the infield and the outfield played very well, getting key outs when we needed them. However, this time a victory just wasn't in the cards. The Ice Weasels played well, and if they play games like this, they'll win a lot more than they lose.

Batting lineup:

1: Newton, LF
2: Amy, P
3: Neil, SS
4: Brandy, 3B
5: Cory, 2B
6: Julie, RF
7: Nathan, RCF
8: Tammy, C
9: Matt, 1B
10: Christine, DH
11: Mitch, DH
12: Carrie, LCF


P - Pitcher
1B - First Base
2B - Second Base
3B - Third Base
SS - Shortstop
C - Catcher
LF - Left Field
LCF - Left Center Field
RCF - Right Center Field
RF - Right Field
DH - Designated Hitter

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