Ice Weasels WIN Fall 2000 league!

Although it was a difficult season, the Ice Weasels finished first place in our Fall 2000 league. Ultimately the season ended in a 3-way tie (the Ice Weasels, the Night Wings, and the Master Batters all had 4-2 records). Ties are broken in the following manner:

1. Compare the records the tied teams had against each other.
2. Compare the run differential in games played bewteen tied teams.
3. Compare the run differential of tied teams in all games played during the season.

Each of the tied teams had 2-2 records against one another. However, the Ice Weasels run differential against the other two tied teams was +11 runs. The Night Wings run differential against the other tied teams is -3 runs. The Master Batters had a run differential against the tied teams of -8 runs. Thus, the tie is broken in favor of the Ice Weasels, and second place goes to the Night Wings.

The Ice Weasels scored more runs than any other team in the league (88 total, 11 more than the next best number), and allowed fewer runs than any other team in the league (43 total, 20 fewer than the next best number).

The season's end was filled with excitement. We had just beaten the Arc Angels, which assured us second place in the league. We were sitting around after the game when someone approached us and told us he needed players. He said he was with the Night Wings, and that they were playing the Master Batters. Knowing that if they won the game, we would finish in first place, we immediately agreed. Cory, Newton, Aimee, Brandy, and Krissy played for them. It was an extremely close game the entire time, but we were committed to winning it. In the end the Night Wings won 7-5 and the Ice Weasels were the season champions.

The Ice Weasels played in the Fall 2000 postseason tournament. The first game was a forfeit, but the second two games were harsh losses. The Weasels did not play well, and a number of our regular players weren't able to make it to the tournament.

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Fall 2000 Game Info

Ice Weasels
Master Batters
Night Wings
Arc Angels

Game #1: Ice Weasels (Home) vs Master Batters, 10/5/00, Krieg 5, 6:30pm (WIN, 19-8)
Game #2: Ice Weasels vs Arc Angels (Home), 10/12/00, Krieg 4, 9:15pm (WIN, 21-4)
Game #3: Ice Weasels (Home) vs Night Wings, 10/19/00, Krieg 11, 7:25pm (WIN, 16-7)
Game #4: Ice Weasels vs Master Batters (Home), 10/26/00, Krieg 9, 8:20pm (LOSS, 8-5)
Game #5: Ice Weasels (Home) vs Arc Angels, 11/2/00, Krieg 8, 6:30pm (RAINED OUT)
Game #6: Ice Weasels vs Night Wings (Home), 11/9/00, Havins 3, 9:15pm LOSS, 14-8)
Game #7: Ice Weasels (Home) vs Arc Angels, 11/16/00, Krieg 8, 6:30pm (WIN, 19-2)

Team Wins Losses Runs Scored Runs Allowed Win Percentage
Ice Weasels 4 2 88 43 0.667
Night Wings 4 2 77 72 0.667
Master Batters 4 2 73 63 0.667
Arc Angels 0 6 49 107 0.000

Season Details:
Date Time Field Visiting Team Visiting Score Home Team Home Score
10/5/2000 6:30pm Krieg 5 Master Batters 8 Ice Weasels 19
10/5/2000 7:25pm Havins 3 Night Wings 21 Arc Angels 14
10/12/2000 8:20pm Krieg 4 Master Batters 17 Night Wings 15
10/12/2000 9:15pm Krieg 4 Ice Weasels 21 Arc Angels 4
10/19/2000 6:30pm Krieg 11 Arc Angels 9 Master Batters 17
10/19/2000 7:25pm Krieg 11 Night Wings 7 Ice Weasels 16
10/26/2000 8:20pm Krieg 9 Ice Weasels 5 Master Batters 8
10/26/2000 9:15pm Havins 3 Arc Angels 12 Night Wings 13
11/2/2000 6:30pm Krieg 8 Arc Angels RAINED OUT Ice Weasels RAINED OUT
11/2/2000 7:25pm Krieg 8 Night Wings RAINED OUT Master Batters RAINED OUT
11/9/2000 8:20pm Krieg 8 Master Batters 18 Arc Angels 8
11/9/2000 9:15pm Havins 3 Ice Weasels 8 Night Wings 14
11/16/2000 6:30pm Krieg 8 Arc Angels 2 Ice Weasels 19
11/16/2000 7:25pm Krieg 8 Night Wings 7 Master Batters 5
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