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I have so many books. Who knew? After playing ultimate frisbee tonight, I got home and decided to get some packing done, since I am moving on Saturday. Jesus do I have a lot of books. It’s really an unreasonable number of books. And they weigh so much when I put them in boxes. Christ. I hope Andre the Giant can be brought back from the dead to help me move.

Another thing, while moving is the topic. So of course you need boxes to move. You gotta pack your tons of books in something, and boxes are the logical choice. Fine. We have boxes — they’re all in the storage closet off our balcony. I’m just about to go get them and then it occurs to me — the goddam balcony is infested with wasps. Or it may be. When we moved in, there was a small wasp nest. I forcibly evicted the wasps twice, but eventually it just seemed to be more trouble than it was worth. We let them have the balcony. Anyway, tonight I turned on the balcony light and peered out. There were a million wasps. At least. They had not one but two nests, and both nests were covered with wasps. I considered my options. If I was feeling lucky, I could try to destroy their nests before they stung me to death. I’d done it in the past, but this was easily ten times as many wasps as I’d ever seen there before. I decided that diplomacy might be in order. I slowly opened the door to the porch, keeping a watchful eye on the wasps. Were they scurrying faster? I couldn’t tell. None lifted off, though, so I cautiously approached the storage room door (located directly beneath their nests). I threw it open and stepped back. No wasps took off, and no creature leapt from the closet. I quickly transferred the boxes into the apartment, always keeping an eye on the wasps. I got all of the boxes inside without incident. So maybe they’ve become pacifists. Who knows? The next residents can deal with them.

The cats were fascinated by the packing process, although they’ve seen it twice before. Evidently they don’t remember it, or else it continues to fascinate them despite its familiarity. If only I could somehow con them into carrying boxes for me.

I wish Napster still worked. It’s so much work to get MP3s now.

Well, I survived the wasps, and I managed to write an entry before sleeping. Do I get a gold star or what?


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