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My offer was accepted for the house I mentioned previously, and we’re on schedule for a closing date of August 29th (next Friday). I’ve never signed so many papers in all of my life, but I’m excited at the prospect of owning my own home. Probably the first week after closing is going to be spent doing some minor repair work, having a dishwasher and garbage disposal installed, and various other things that I’d like to get done before me and the cats move in. I’m hoping those tasks will be completed within the first week of September, so I can spend the next three weeks moving. My lease isn’t up until the end of September, so I will have a full month of overlap between the two places.

Oh, speaking of moving! Does anyone have any recommendations for moving companies here in Austin? I’ve decided to hire movers for the big stuff. I’m sure my friends are heaving a big sigh of relief to learn this. My specific concern was my television. It’s sufficiently expensive and unwieldy that I’d like to get it moved professionally by someone who is insured, so that I’m covered in case it gets damaged during the move. I’ve heard mixed reviews of Unicorn Moving. They’re a local company, which is a plus, and their name is obviously a plus. Some folks have been very happy with them, others said they were careless or unprofessional. Have any of you had any experiences with them? Or with other movers around town? My moving job won’t be a complicated one — I’ll be moving anything that can fit in my car, so all that will be left for the movers is stuff like furniture, the TV, the foosball table, etc. Anyway, any advice or experiences you can share would be appreciated!

If you’re curious, I’ve posted some pictures of the house. Note that some of them were taken from the outside, through windows, so the quality on those is lacking. But some of them were taken from inside, fear not.


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