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A couple of years ago my friend Megan and I had a Google chat conversation, part of which went as follows:

me: Every house needs a house strapon

Megan: of course
a house is not a home

me: :)

Megan: without a strap on

me: I want that cross-stitched so I can put it up on my wall
With a cross-stitched house on one side, and a cross-stitched flower on the other

And now, thanks to my friend Althea…

"A house is not a home without a strap-on"


Author: mitcharf

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    That cross stitch is awesomesauce, and I’d like to email you a question about it, but I can’t find an “email author” link anywhere!

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      I’m glad that you like it! I see that you managed to find my email address, and I’ve responded to your question. I do see that you’re right about there not being a handy link to my email address anywhere on here. I’ll rectify that immediately!

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