Ice Weasels: Winter '15-'16 Season, Game #7

Date: January 28, 2016
Start: 8:00pm
End: 8:45pm
Where: Krieg 7
Opponents: Master Batters

We were the home team.

Outcome: LOSS
Final score: 24-8

Notes: Thanks to Dave for subbing. There are no batting and pitching statistics for this game because Mitch was unable to keep up with the scoring due to the rapid pace of 1-pitch, the crazy offense of the opponents, and several on-the-fly position changes which had to be made due to both Lindsey and Tia being hurt.

Batting lineup:
1: Dave, RCF
2: Tia, 2B/DH**, 2B, 2B, 2B, 2B*
3: Chris E, SS
4: Lucy, 1B/2B**, 1B, 1B, DH, 1B*
5: Jason, 3B
6: Lindsey, C, C, C, C, DH*
7: Neil, P
8: Azzy, RF/1B**, DH, LCF, 1B, LCF*
9: Anthony, LF
10: Zook, LCF, LCF, DH, LCF, C*
11: Mitch, DH
12: Lily, DH/RF**, RF, RF, RF, RF*

* - In the first inning they played the first position listed, in the second inning they played the second position listed, and so on.

** - The game began with Tia at 2B, Lucy at 1B, Azzy in RF, and Lily at DH. The first batter of the game hit a ball which struck Tia in the foot. After that play, she moved to DH, Lucy moved to 2B, Azzy moved to 1B, and Lily moved to RF. The remainder on the 1st inning was played in this configuration.

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