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Some parts of my life could use improving — for example, on July 23rd I’ve finally got a “real” court date for my January DWI. There may be further court dates after that, depending on a lot of things. The end result is going to probably be some combination of a fine, some probation, and some community service. From what I understand, anyway. In any case, sometimes I worry about it a little, but not too much these days. I’ve corrected whatever alcohol-related problems I had in the past (I drink rarely, never alone, never drive if I’m anywhere even remotely close to being impaired, only in moderation when I do drink even if I’m not driving), so it almost seems unfair that I still have to deal with the consequences of the DWI. But of course it’s perfectly fair, and it’s the system, so there’s no sense worrying about it. I know in my own mind that I’ve taken steps to reform my behavior, and this is just one last obstacle I have to overcome. I guess it’s a good way to reinforce the lesson in my mind, although spending the night in jail was sufficient. Anyway.

The subject of this entry says that life is good, and it is. In spite of the upcoming court date, the good in my life far outweighs the bad. I’ve been vegetarian for over a year now, and although I don’t feel incredibly different for having made this change, I’m happy about it. It was nice to see that I could make a decision like that and stick with it. And not in one of those “I’m vegetarian but I only eat junk food” sort of things. I’ve actually done more cooking since I’ve been vegetarian — nothing too impressive or crazy, but it’s a positive change.

The vegetarianism is only a small percentage of my happiness. Another positive change is that I’ve started exercising again. I’ve played softball continuously for the past four years, but I used to jog almost every day, and I lapsed in that habit a couple years ago. Recently I’ve started using a recumbent bike in my apartment complex’s fitness center, and I find it to be a really good way to get some aerobic exercise. I’m going to buy my own bike for my apartment, because the one in the fitness center is often broken, and it would be nicer to be able to bike while listening to music in my apartment or watching a movie or something. Plus, my cats could watch me, and probably be scared of the bike. Which is awesome.

The cats — they’re a constant source of happiness, except maybe when Rasputin paws me in the face in the morning when he wants water or food or whatever other thing his little cat-mind can think of. But Rasputin and Frankenstein are healthy and they purr frequently and of course they always make me happy.

There are other good things in my life right now, and I could go on and on about the small ones like this, but the primary source of happiness in my life right now is named Keri. She and I dated a few years ago for a few months, and it was really good in some ways, but we broke up basically because of immaturity on both of our parts. Anyway, we both independently came to the conclusion that we gave up something really good back then, and we’ve been dating for a little while now. She is unlike most anyone I’ve ever met and being with her makes me very happy. But not in a codependent way. We complement each other, I suppose. Anyway, I hate LJ entries that are just full of mooning over loved ones, and so I won’t subject you to that. But Keri is awesome, and in August she is moving in with me. In September we’re moving into a larger place (still in Austin). I’m really excited about this, so is she, and probably the cats would be too if they were aware of it. I haven’t kept it a secret from them but, well, they’re cats and it’s not worth my time to learn the secret language of cats so I can tell them about it.

I’m prepared for the barrage of “You’re moving in too soon” messages from friends and maybe family. All I wish to say up front is that we’re not engaged, have no immediate plans to get engaged, and that we’re both mature enough to do this. I don’t think things will sour between us, but if they do, we’re adult enough to separate amicably. We’re not rushing into anything — believe me, after seeing how much of a hassle it is to get a divorce, I have no desire to repeat the process. The next time I get married will hopefully be the last time I get married. I hope it’s to Keri, and I see no reason why it won’t be, but obviously nobody can tell what the future holds.

I apologize to my friends who are first learning of this stuff via LiveJournal rather than directly from me. Lord knows I’m not good about keeping up with my friends. Something I still need to work on. Anyway.

For now, I’m happy with where I am in my life and the way things are going. I don’t think my life will ever be free of some amount of depression — I’m far too introspective and inclined to overthink things for that — but I’m learning to control those things… To force them out of my mind, and without the help of alcohol. So, in conclusion, harf.


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