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I’ve been on vacation for about a week now.  So far my time has been spent playing softball, watching Netflix, sleeping, listening to music, and reading.  Probably more time sleeping than all of the others combined.  I’m feeling very unmotivated to, well, do anything.  Hence the lack of blog updates.  Perhaps I need my antidepressants adjusted?  Maybe it’s just the cold weather causing me to seek refuge under a mountain of cats in bed?  Perhaps I hope that if I wait long enough in bed, a woman will appear in there with me?  Who can say?  Apart from the excessive sleep, I’m not feeling particularly depressed — no more so than usual, anyway.  As I’m writing this, I’m in a fairly good mood.  Well, contented mood, anyway.  Not ebullient or anything.

I have nothing exciting to write about.  About which to write.  Whatever.  Today I went to sleep at 6am, got up at 2pm, went back to sleep at 5pm, got up at 11pm, and now it’s 2am.  I will probably watch a movie, read, and then get some well-deserved rest after this exhausting day of mostly sleeping.  Oh, I have done a few loads of laundry today — surely that counts for something.  And I added an item to my Amazon wishlist.  I take it all back — clearly I have no motivation problems.

When I’m not on vacation, I look forward to vacation and think of all the things I could and projects I could finish.  When on vacation, I just kind of kill time until I’m not on vacation.  Something in my brain clearly is malfunctioning.  What else is new?

I finally watched Avatar last night.  It was pretty, predictable, and pcliche.  (I think it is more important to preserve the (what the fuck is that word which means a bunch of things all starting with the same sound? come on brain… this is really embarrassing… it would be awesome if it also starts with a p, though.  But I think it starts with an l.  Or maybe an r.  Alliteration!  At least it has an l and an r in it..) alliteration than it is to spell “cliche” correctly.)  I don’t regret watching it, but I’m glad I didn’t pay to see it in the theater.  It got three stars from me on Netflix.

I caught myself about to write about the pumpkin pancakes I had for dinner last night, but writing about a meal is a bridge too far.  TTFN!


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